tastypie 0.1.0 2021-05-15

  • Added the pie_addimages function: you can now easily add images to the slices of the pie charts created using pie_bake!
  • Added the bubble_blow function: you can now also easily create cool circular packing charts with tastypie!
  • Added 10 more templates for the pie_bake_pro function related to the circular barplot chart and to the spider (or radar) chart: 'cirbar1', 'cirbar2', 'cirbar3', 'cirbar4', 'cirbar5', 'spider1', 'spider2', 'spider3', 'spider4', spider5' (added to pie_template_list_pro, the list of the available templates for this function).
  • Added to the package site the article related to the tasty_tshirts, the super cool t-shirts with the tastypie logo (and removed the vignette about the users favorite templates from the R package documentation).

tastypie 0.0.3 2021-03-04

  • Now tastypie is tibble-friendly: the user can also provide a tibble instead of a dataframe for the available functions. (#1)
  • Improved the documentations of pie_bake and pie_bake_pro(added useful information about the labels and the tibble input).
  • Solved the CRAN issue related to the importing of the magrittr package that is not actually used.

tastypie 0.0.2 - NOW AVAILABLE ON CRAN! 2021-02-10

  • Added the description of the function results in the documentations of pie_bake, pie_bake_pro, pie_templates and pie_discover.
  • Solved some issues regarding the examples of the pie_datacheck function.

tastypie 0.0.1 Unreleased

  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.
  • Fixed package documentation (after spell_check).
  • Added a package site.
  • Fixed badges in README.