Do you want to join the crew?

You are probably on this page because of the Instagram page tastypie_rpkg.
If this is not the case, go look at it, and maybe follow it.

The tasty t-shirts

The tasty t-shirts are available in black, blue and gray. Some people with no taste might say that they are simply a plain T-shirt with the tastypie logo, but the real experts know that this is the latest fashion trend and would do anything to get one.

How to get one for free

To get a fantastic tasty t-shirt for free, just follow these steps:

  • send me an e-mail saying you are interested in the shirt;
  • send me a picture of you wearing a basic t-shirt of any kind;
  • I’ll upload on tastypie_rpkg the photo with the logo photoshopped on your t-shirt;
  • when it reaches 50 likes, send me your address and I’ll send to you the shirt for free (you only have to pay the shipping costs).

Anyway, if you have any other ideas, please let me know here.

Some fans around the world

See the full gallery on the Instagram page tastypie_rpkg